Sushi Seattle Recipe By chef Mike Souheil

Preferred by people of all age groups “Sushi” is a recipe of rice, fillings and tender fish. This recipe can never be ignored at any get together; People love to have it.

Containing delicious taste “sushi”, is source of vitamins and nutrients. Sushi is made from fish, sushi rice, and natural herbs. There are many ways out to make “sushi”; three basic nutrients of sushi are “sushi fish”, “rice” and “filings”. People also use tropical fruits as secondary ingredients for sushi. Sushi can be made from both brown and white rice purble place.

The word sushi means rice, in beginning the dish evolved as method to preserve fish no one knew how popular it would be with time. Many Japanese restaurants offer this delicious and yummy recipe around.  Suppose you are near Seattle right now start searching for “Sushi Seattle By Mike Souheil”, on internet you will know about its popularity.

Sushi is loved by younger ones because of delicious taste, and by mature ones because of health benefits it is blessed with. People make this recipe even tastier by using pickle and sauces read more about mike souheil.


If you are deciding to make sushi right now and invite people; be patient you need to learn the right methodology to make sushi before you go on. You need to store fish in proper way, and then prepare fish slices, cook rice after all use fillings. We need to be careful while making sushi at home. Sushi is made from six types of fishes, so selecting proper fish is necessary. There are many new varieties available like “Sushi Seattle By Mike Souheil may offer its own variety as compared to other regions of world. People make their own flavors, by adding ingredients available; one can try pickles and sauces and like ingredients. You need to search online various sites offering recipes for sushi.

Sushi contains many vitamin and nutrients that are necessary for human health, from medical perspective sushi strengthen cardiovascular health, because of fish oil. We might have seen people taking commercial capsule containing fish oil, which costs a lot. Taking sushi, can save your money along with providing good health and taste.

Sushi contains Omega 3 fatty acids that are polyunsaturated fats often called as poly fats, these poly fats prevent heart attack. Sushi is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates.

Another interesting thing about sushi is the way it is served in restaurant, suppose you are lucky enough to get in to some “Sushi Seattle By Mike Souheil” restaurant you may find color coded plates there, each showing its own cost. Sushi plates are famous because of color coding technique.

Once can have best of meal that is blessed with many essential nutrients, search for recipe right now, practice it and invite everyone to healthy gathering.